My story with Islam. Plus this is my first Ramadan ever!

Before i write my story about Islam and me and about Ramadan. I want to wish you all a very happy, blessed, peaceful Ramadan May Allah be with you all during this holy month.

I grew up (and still growing up haha) in a Muslim family that wasn’t and still isn’t very religious. I also grew up in multicultural places and I socialized with people of all nations, races and religions. I was though not to hate anyone and we lived in peace. My mother is Christian-Catholic born in Croatia and my parents fought about everything except religion. They pulled a line there and agreed that never will fight about it. We always did and still are celebrating both Eids and Christmas, Easter and other notable Christian holidays. 

My brother and sister(who are older than me), unlike me, grew up in Kosovo. I spent first three years of my life there and then we escaped in Croatia due to war in Kosovo. There Islam is majority religion in country but they grew up in household that wasn’t religious. My mom told me long time ago, that my grand grandparents were religious but their son, my grandfather wasn’t, and as he later was the head of the house, no one really was. My father only knows to say auzubillah, bismillah, and hardly knows suratul fatiha. My brother and sister knows only auzubillah and bismillah. However they don’t drink alcohol, don’t eat pork and they do have manners as one Muslim should have but they don’t practise the religion.We always did celebrate Eids but never prayed or fasted Ramadan. 

So, when we moved in Croatia my parents agreed that they will not push me into Islam as we are now in Christian country and will soon go in Christian school but they won’t push me into Christianity as well. Looking back at that I am so happy and blessed that they left the choice on me. I really wasn’t anything until I was eleven and third grade in school. Than local imam came from Osijek to this refugee camp that we were living in, in that time. But first let me explain a bit about a background. You see, in Croatia, we have this school subject called religion and only religions available to learn about is Catholicism and eastern orthodox Christianity. Since there was not Islam I was forced to choose something. They said that they will not grade me or anything like that but that I have to choose something. So I chose Catholicism as my mother was one. I learned a lot just listening to teacher. I learned a lot about prophet Isa (a.s.), Musa (a.s.), the Bible, about holidays, customs etc. So when I was in third grade that local Imam came in our camp to teach Muslim children about Islam. I was interested in that as I never got the chance to learn about it. And I went there. As soon as I heard that imam reciting those words from the holy Quran I knew what i want to be and I somehow knew that Islam is the right thing, and I was only 11 back then. Immediately I started memorizing the quran, learned a lot of surahs, shahada, pillars, history, many stories and I was really fascinated by Islam. I also started learning Arabick right away. I remember that I didn’t know how to pray but I used to recite all surahs I know five times a day haha.

But in fifth grade we needed to move out again and we came in Kneževo, where we are living now. And here there were no imams or whatsoever and I never continued to learn about islam so I started to forget a bit about it, as years were passing.
But alhamdulillah in September last year I decided to go into Islamic high school in capital city of Zagreb. It was really hard at the beginning but it got easier and i learned a lots of stuff. I am no longer there but that is another story. I am learning many things here on tumblr, there are some extraordinary Islam related blogs here.

So now I decided to fast this Ramadan and it will Inshallah be my first. Make dua’s for me guys. :)
I still don’t pray even tho I learned how, alhamdulillah. It’s just that I don’t feel comfortable praying around my family that doesn’t. 
I also have few goals for my very first Ramadan ever.

  • Learn few more surahs
  • Read quran as much as I can
  • Stay away from Internet as much as I can and concentrate on my imaan and spirituality.
  • Do something useful, maybe start to learn new language online.
  • Pray as much as I can and make a lots of dua’s so that I can clearly decide where will I continue my education.
  • Be good, kind, grateful etc.

One more time Ramadan Kereem and have a very happy month. :)

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