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Just listening to Pac ain’t gone make it stop/ A rebel in your thoughts, ain’t gon make it halt/ If you don’t become an actor you’ll never be a factor/ Pills with million side effects/ Take em when the pains felt/ Wash them down with Diet soda!/ Killin off your brain cells/ Crooked banks around the World/ Would gladly give a loan today/ So if you ever miss a payment/ They can take your home away!

fuck it’s painful how much this ties in with today’s situation 

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Title: The Real Her feat. Lil Wayne & Andre 3000 Artist: Drake 6,781 plays

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If you get angry, stay silent.

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BB and Jay at MIA festival

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Don’t become so tolerant that you tolerate intolerance.

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There are two causes for rusting of the heart:

1. Negligence 
2. Sins

And the two cures for it are :

1. Istigfar 
2. Dhikr

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